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Welcome to the World of Raw Living

   Raw Food is the Nutrition of the Future and it is Medicine for Body, Mind & Soul. All Raw Vegetables, Fruits, Seeds, Nuts, Herbs and Spices have their very own culinary and curative properties and support and nourish us on different levels. Knowing about these benefits, proper food preparation and easy & delicious ways of preparing Raw Foods connects us with this bounty of life energy, holistic healing & beauty.

This website is for all of the beautiful beings out there that are dedicated to raise their consciousness and be in loving contact with the earth, the needs of their bodies & with their communities. We wish to provide useful information about how to be(come!) Raw, Vegan, Vegetarian and how to manage and enjoy the changes that are necessary to be more aware and vibrate on a higher level of energy & (self) LOVE.

Any interesting information or links that might be of interest for the Greater Community, please share by contacting us via email or posting the information you have found.

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Raw ´n Easy Culinary Artist Petra V. Rivera Meedt


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